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Bodhnath Stupa, Kathmandu Nepal

Decided to spend most of the day down and around the stunningly beautiful Bodhnath Stupa in Kathmandu.

Believed to be built in 600 AD, the stupa is 43-metres high with a diameter of around 40-metres. The beauty of the stupa is how peaceful a place it is to visit. And while there are loads of shops surrounding the stupa aimed squarely at tourists, there is little in the way of hustle in Kathmandu.

If you ever visit, make sure you give yourself enough time to have some tea or coffee at one of the many roof top cafe’s surrounding the stupa. Not only do you get great views of the stupa, the added height gives you some great photo opportunities.

Bodhnath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal
Bodhnath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal

Turkey Bound

We never did make that flight to Phaplu.

The day after we returned to our friend’s place, I came down with a particularly nasty bacterial bug in Kathmandu. Now, some eleven days later I am only beginning to regain my strength.

And while it is great to be on the mend, my good Doctor advised me to take 4-8 weeks off and avoid any high-altitude trekking (yes, I had a particularly nasty bug).

With this in mind, we have decided to head west to Turkey and possibly Greece for the next 6-8 weeks. My lungs need clean air and my body needs time to mend, so the stunning coast line of Turkey was an easy choice for us.

As for China, Mongolia and Nepal, we are essentially reversing our original plan. After Turkey and Greece, we will make or way to China, Mongolia and eventually, back to Nepal for the September trekking season.

Big thanks to family and friends who have emailed me over the past 10-days and our dear friend Paula, for putting us up in her wonderful apartment in Kathmandu for so long.

Off to Turkey this coming Friday the 30th March. Can’t wait. Stay tuned for more updates.

Booking tickets to Turkey at Air Arabia, Kathmandu Nepal
Booking tickets to Turkey at Air Arabia, Kathmandu Nepal

Cancelled Flight

Flights to the mountains get cancelled pretty regularly and unfortunately our flight to Phaplu was canned this morning due to high winds. And while we spent three hours at the airport, I’d much rather return for a rescheduled flight tomorrow, than have our twin otter slammed into the side of a mountain due to high winds.