Maldives Fishing Part I

When I first arrived in the Maldives in late 2005, I met a Maldivian man who told me some pretty tall stories about the commercial fishing industry in the Maldives. His description of how Maldivian fishermen simply hook tuna and flick them onto the back deck of a fishing boat, felt to me like the stuff of strong national pride. …

Thomas PickardMaldives Fishing Part I

Commercial Fishing Maldives Part II

Another two photos from my two days on a commercial fishing vessel in the Maldives last week. —–

Thomas PickardCommercial Fishing Maldives Part II

Back on the Commercial Fishing Boats, Maldives

During my two year stay in the Maldives, I spent a total of 6-days on commercial fishing vessels. During that time I learnt first hand what life is like for commercial fishermen. I also gained a valuable insight into the fishing industry and how important two species of tuna – Skipjack and Yellowfin – are to the Maldives’ economy. Photography …

Thomas PickardBack on the Commercial Fishing Boats, Maldives

Industrial Photography

I love industrial locations and I love to photograph them and the people that work at them. The first time I ever actually stepped onto an industrial location was back when I was 18 and labouring for a hydraulics firm that specialised in – you guessed it – industrial hydraulics and maintenance. I used to work summers in between my …

Thomas PickardIndustrial Photography