Restaurant Cat

Like Turkey, Greece seems to be a land of cats. The local cats tend to turn up around meal time, loitering beneath our legs while we’re having dinner, hoping for some food scraps.

Thomas PickardRestaurant Cat

Vietnam Day 2. A Wander Through Ho Chi Minh City Zoo.

Day 2 in Vietnam and I wandered into the Royal Botanic Gardens looking for some relief from the heat and traffic. Little did I know, that it also housed the zoo. For me, this photo sums up the zoo experience – distracting and disconnected. Related Posts: Vietnam Day 1. Ho Chi Minh City Arrival Wild No More —–

Thomas PickardVietnam Day 2. A Wander Through Ho Chi Minh City Zoo.

The Cove

“If the world finds out what we do here, we will be shut down” From the Oscar award winning documentary, The Cove I could say so many things about The Cove after watching it. All you really need to know is this: see it. Then get involved in some way, shape or form. —–

Thomas PickardThe Cove

From the Archive: Polar Bears

This weeks photo from the archive comes from an ice floe in Hinlopen Straight in the Spitsbergen Islands, an island group north of Norway. This photo was taken while I was working on the ice breaker the Akademik Sergey Vavilov. Chartered to Peregrine Adventures for polar expedition cruises, I was completing my first three-month trip in the Arctic, working as …

Thomas PickardFrom the Archive: Polar Bears

The Art of Random Photo Pairing

When I came back from my second trip to Antarctica in March of 2004, I had some 75 rolls of Fuji Velvia. At 36-exposures a roll, that meant 2700 slides to deal with.¬†At the time, it felt like a lot of photos. Fast forward a couple of years and it isn’t unusual for me to produce 100’s of photos in …

Thomas PickardThe Art of Random Photo Pairing

Elephant Skin

When you really look, elephant’s have the most amazing skin. —–

Thomas PickardElephant Skin

PORTFOLIO | Wild No More

Wild No More is a depressing insight into the world of zoo animals, locked up in artificially created environments, which are somehow suppose to replicate the animal’s natural habitat. Wild No More is an ongoing personal project. View the images at Go to ‘Projects’, then ‘Wild No More’ And if you like these images, please spread the word. —–

Thomas PickardPORTFOLIO | Wild No More

Wild No More | Part II

I spent another four hours at Chiang Mai zoo in northern Thailand today. Some photos that made the editing cut. —–

Thomas PickardWild No More | Part II

Bangkok in Black & White

Recent photos from Bangkok, Thailand. —–

Thomas PickardBangkok in Black & White